Benefits of using C-Core vs EI Core Magnetics:

  • C-Core has less stray flux/magnetic field.
    • Great solution for audio/amplifier applications.
    • Minimize impact of transformer to surrounding components.
    • EI will require one or more of the following to minimize stray flux:
      • “Flux band” outside each winding.
      • Iron strap welded outside perimeter of core.
      • Potting into ferrous metal can.
    • C-core’s weigh less than EI due to rounded edges.
    • C-core fully utilizes grain orientation of steel (EI core typically uses 60%-80%).
    • Better utilization of steel means greater magnetic efficiency of C-Core.
    • C-core is typically higher priced than traditional EI due to less flexibility to adjust core size of C-core. Industry is limited on core size availability.
    • Wabash Transformer (https://www.wabashtransformer.comhas been producing quality custom and pre-designed transformers for over 30 years.  Our Quality Policy is simple, and effective:
      • A) Compliance to Requirements.
      • B) Continual Improvement.
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      Feel free to take advantage of our pre-designed models, or let us customize a transformer to your particular needs.  Either way, you’ve come to the right place.