In the last few years power transformers and Class 2 transformers are being scrutinized by customers to provide transformer reliability and transformer ability to sustain harsh environments (e.g. SALT baths, vibration testing). This has become a for Wabash Transformer and our sister companies.

We have completed extensive harsh environment tests on our Class 2 transformers, including corrosion testing, thermal shock and vibration testing. Results are 99.6% reliability with a 95% confidence level. Impressive!

Furthermore, we have completed life-span reliability testing on our Class 2 transformers. In short, we have used various variables (e.g. insulation system, overload conditions, normal and anticipated environment) of our UL/cUL/CE/Class 2 approved transformers and expressed our results in terms of expected failures over a million hours of service (theoretically, 114 years).

Summary of results:

  • In a “Benign” environment = 0.03 failures/million hours.
  • In a “Fixed” environment = 0.02 failures/million hours.

These are impressive transformer reliability and harsh environment results for transformers! We highly recommend that you scrutinize your current and future power transformer suppliers to ensure you are getting the best quality, performance and reliability from your transformers.

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