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If you or your supplier import transformers from overseas, the tariffs on imports from China have raised your costs. Either directly from your source in China or indirectly if your domestic source is heavily dependent on raw materials and parts that are subject to tariffs. It has many buyers scrambling for a solution.

As a manufacturer of power transformers and power supplies, the PowerVolt Group (PowerVolt, Ensign and Wabash Transformer) helps mitigate tariffs because we have manufacturing sites in the U.S. Midwest, China, Mexico and Haiti.  The domestic and international partnerships we have developed are used to optimize supply chain design and costs to our customers.

We have a solid risk/mitigation/contingency plan which includes deep engagement with local agencies, the Mexico Embassy and Commerce departments along with alternate locations in Asia.

Do you want to discuss “How to Avoid 25 Percent Tariffs on Power Transformers?” We would enjoy the opportunity to help you. Just reach out to us by calling 630-628-9999 and asking for sales or email us at sales@wabashtransformer.com. We have a solid plan and would like to help you mitigate and manage your total cost of ownership.

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