Wabash Transformer is pleased to announce our new product catalog is now available on our website for printing or download.

Additions to the Wabash Transformer catalog include Encapsulated Transformers (Power Transformers and Low Profile Power Transformers), Industrial Control Transformers (which includes the industry’s first configurable Industrial/Machine Tool Control Transformer) and DC Power Supplies (Regulated, Unregulated and Stepping Motor Power Supplies).

Our catalog also includes Class 2 Transformers, International Power Transformers, Split Bobbin Power Transformers, Small Size Power Transformers, Low Profile Power Transformers and Compact Power Transformers.

Wabash Transformers products are designed to meet domestic and international safety standards.  Our transformers are Class 2, VDE, UL and CSA Recognized.

To view or download Wabash Transformer’s catalog visit https://www.wabashtransformer.com/ or use this direct link https://www.wabashtransformer.com/Wabash-Ener-G-Star.pdf.

Please contact us via email at sales@wabashtransformer.com or call us at (+1) 630-628-9999 with any specific requests.